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A day of cooking

We have a group of about fifty booked to have all meals with us for the first weekend in April. They will be outdoors all day so they have savage appetites. I have been doing some marathon sessions of cooking and freezing and preparation.

So a ton of bolognaise, half a dozen bakewell tarts and yesterday two enormous pots of lamb tagine.

Then of course we have to eat ourselves and the tagine is hours away from being finished.

I scoured the fridge and hauled out a few dodgy looking peppers, an onion, some ginger, garlic and some soft tomatoes.

I threw the lot into the food processor and then onto an oiled pan. While my puree cooked I soaked long grain rice in hot water for 20 minutes and then drained it and added to to the pan. While I prepared some chicken I kept one eye on the rice mix, stirring frequently and adding a bit of stock when the mix got too dry.

The chicken fillets got a marinade of lemon grass and sumac and some rapeseed oil. When the rice was ready I seared the chicken on a hot griddle.

Yum..Jolof rice with seared chicken