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A New Year


Receipts from 19th Century

2016 was a very busy year for us at the Yeats Experience and we welcomed many Americans, Canadians, Australians, Kiwis and Indians as well as lots of Irish  to our house to hear about WB Yeats and eat our home cooked food with our own eggs and salads.

Just this morning I was giving out to myself for neglecting the Yeats Experience Blog so here I go full of enthusiasm to blog regularly in 2017.

While rooting through my box of letters and journals upstairs I came across an old “Receipt Book” given to me by an antiques collector.

The date in the notebook is 1888 and a Mrs A. F. from Sproules , Doncaster, England was the original owner.

The writing is perfect copperplate and the receipts/recipes are fascinating , especially the ones for medicines. For Example:


One dram of lump opium

2 oz of cloves

1 pennyworth oil of aniseed

1 pennyworth oil of peppermint

1 pennyworth oil of parregoric

1 pennyworth oil of laydanum

Boil a lb of treacle with one pint of water and when cold add all the other ingredients.

Take 2 tablespoons full two or three times a day.

Well!! Whatever about the cough  I think I would be” feeling no pain” on the medicine.