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Planting time

The packets of seeds have arrived in the post from Rossinver Organic Centre…little brown packets of possibility.

Every year I marvel that these tiny seeds can grow into enormous tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces. onions, chillies.







My plant trays are filled with compost and I painstakingly put one seed in each little module:I hate thinning seedlings. I have also plantes some lettuce seeds directly into the soil in the polytunnel. My favourite at the moment is Green in the Snow, a lettuce with an intense mustardy taste that has grown well all winter in the tunnel.


It taste wonderful with homemade mayonnaise in a rye bread sandwich and  rare roast beef slices.

Home made mayonnaise is so simple. Just put a tablespoon of Dijon mustard in a food processor, then break in four free range eggs. Put one pint of oil in the feeder of the processor and blend until thick. Add salt and pepper and a splash of wine vinegar,

By the way, the little rose plant is overwintering in the tunnel and will be planted out when any risk of frost is over. I grew it from a cutting and it will be an old fashioned pink climbing rose with sweet smelling big rose heads.