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The livestock

Damien has vetoed a pig ..well, two pigs, but the hens ( except poor Lolly) and the dogs are thriving. We lost Lolly from what appears to have been “sudden chicken death syndrome”!! She was well, eating and clucking and laying lovely brown eggs and then I found her in the henhouse still warm but definitely  dead.




The dogs are terrified of the hens because they associate them with the electric fence around the hen coop and they both got nasty shocks form the fence. they prefer to stay inside and watch me cook or lounge on the couch.

The hens have laid eggs all winter, sometimes five a day but usual three or four. They love the greens I pick from the garden and the poly  tunnel. Recently they have started jumping out over the hen house and escaping down the field so we had to put up a barricade on the roof. We love the eggs for breakfast simply boiled and servred with brown bread or scrambled and served with toasted sourdough bread.

I make incredible mayonnaise to serve for our guests on their chicken and ham open sandwiches and of course we have loads of our own salad leave on the plate as well.

Organic and delicious