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Yeats Day Tours

Lough Gill County Sligo IrelandThe landscape of Yeats Sligo Ireland is spectacular …a post Ice Age drama pitted with blue lakes, megalithic remains of early man and at every turn a line from William Butler Yeats that catches for ever the magic of the place.

His brother, Jack b Yeats, did the same in line drawings and later impressionist oils saying that “everything I paint has something of Sligo in it”  They wrote and painted  in the late 1800s but today a great deal of it can still be seen now as then. Damien Brennan knows all of its history, all of its poetry and delights in taking visitors along with him on a tour of discovery. He frequently accompanies coach groups, small bus tours and private individuals around the Land of Hearts Desire, as Yeats referred to Sligo.

The “Yeats Country” is all within (long!) walking distance of Ballisodare, Sligo Town and Rosses Point…these three locations being where the Yeats children  stayed as  children  and at a time when travelling was confined to heel or hoof! Damien’s tours then are easily tailored for a half or a full day and never follow any preset route…sitting on the edge of the Atlantic weather changes are constant and the set of the incoming cloud can often determine where you go next!

Damien remains convinced however that WB did get to heaven…the weather has never marred a full Yeats tour…”sure, what’s an odd shower?”

Prices vary from size of group and requirements. Please make enquiry through Booking Enquiries.



Dear Damien,
Back home, I am sure we are all enriched by the Yeats’ Day Tour and for all of us it was a splendid experience.  We are indebted to you.
With renewed gratitude and best wishes to you and Paula,
Yours truly,

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