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Group at the FireComing to Sligo, Land of Hearts Desire, for a wedding, family celebration or business conference?

Having chosen such an evocative location with its rich culture, heritage and Yeatsian connection you may be challenged just how to bring some of that to your assembled guests. Whether from Ireland or overseas you will want them to leave with a sense of the magic of this place or perhaps something of the poet who made Sligo famous.

William Butler Yeast …his Life and Lovesis an engaging 30 minute rehearsed costumed reading of some of the finest love poetry of the 20th century and of the story surrounding it. Damien Brennan together with Marianne Fahy, nationally known Irish actress and Deirdre Byron Smyth, acclaimed harper and singer, bring it all together in a witty musical and vocal presentation that will be just the digestiveto set your guests up for later dancing or conversation.

Well suited for groups up to 250 the piece can equally suit groups of as little as 40…the players well used to large and small applause! It is suitable for hotel conference rooms, restaurant or dining rooms or indeed even private homes.

Prices vary from size of group, audio requirements and the traveling distance from Sligo.  Please make enquiry through Booking Enquiries



Jolanta W Wawrzycka on a Yeats Experience eveningHow wonderful to hear from you. You sound as busy as we are here: our school year has just began so we are adjusting to the new schedule. Thank you for sending me the menus – they bring wonderful memories and, of course, a wish that May were here tomorrow so you can spoil us with another masterpiece of a supper.

Jolanta W. Wawrzycka, Ph.D. (Professor Wawrzycka has visited us 6 times!)
Radford University
Radford VA 24142 USA

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